An outgrowth of hardcore punk, straight edge is based around a lifestyle of abstinence from alcohol, tobacco, and recreational drug use. The movement was kickstarted by Washington, D.C.'s Minor Threat in the 1980s. The lead singer of Minor Threat, Ian McKaye, is credited with coining the term in their song "Straight Edge". He has since disowned the movement. Someone who is "straight edge" follows the punk lifestyle, but doesn't drink, smoke, or do drugs. Some straight edgers avoid promiscuous sex, and many modern straight edgers are vegetarian or vegan. Straight edge was a reaction to the self-destructive nature of the scene and it's drug use. One sign that a person is "edge" is a black "X" written with marker on the person's hand. This comes from the practice of marking an "X" on the hand of underage youths at shows so the bar tender would know not to serve them alcohol. Hardline is a social movement which originated in the straight edge punk subculture. Hardline is based around extreme politics, mostly derived from the doctrines of deep ecology. It is controversial, even within straight edge for it's militant stance against drug use. Hardliners will sometimes attack strangers who are drinking, smoking or doing drugs. Some people have been killed as a result of these actions. The most well-known hardline band is the now-defunct Vegan Reich.